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A specific topic of interest at this year’s conference was Content Strategy. The review board therefore chose the following contributions, which take a research perspective on how to create and maintain content that is smart, useful and usable. 

Download the EAC 2017 program. Download the ZIP folder (15 MB) with all submitted presentations from EAC 2017 here. Available presentations are also individually hyperlinked to the titles below.

Laura Gonzales, The University of Texas at El Paso (USA)

Connecting Technical Communication and Translation Courses: A Path to Successful Content Strategy

Laura Gonzales is an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Writing Studies in the Department of English at the University of Texas, El Paso. Her research focuses on intersections of technical communication, translation, and community activism. She is the recipient of the 2016 Sweetland/UM Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Book Prize for her monograph, Sites of Translation: What Multilinguals Can Teach Us about Writing, Rhetoric and Technology. Dr. Gonzales has published work in Technical Communication, Composition Forum, and College Composition and Communication. She is also a technical translator for the Language Services Department at the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan in Grand Rapids, MI.

Michael Meng, Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

The Effect of Visual Signaling in Screenshots: An Eye Tracking Study

Michael Meng, Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) Michael Meng studied German linguistics and psycholinguistics at the University of Jena and the University of Edinburgh. After completing his PhD on syntactic analysis during reading in 1998, he worked as a technical writer and later on as department manager of documentation and localization for a local software company. In 2012, Michael Meng was appointed Professor of Applied Linguistics at Merseburg University of Applied Science, where he now teaches courses on text analysis, text production and cognitive psychology in the B. Eng. and M. A. programs in Technical Communication.

Kirk St.Amant, Louisiana Tech University and University of Limerick (USA & Ireland)

Scripting the Context of Content Strategy: A Script-Theory Approach to User-Centered Design in Content Strategy

Kirk St.Amant, Louisiana Tech University and University of Limerick (USA & Ireland) Kirk St.Amant is a Professor and the Eunice C. Williamson Endowed Chair in Technical Communication at Louisiana Tech University and an Adjunct Professor of International Health and Medical Communication with the University of Limerick. His research examines design and usability issues in educational, international, and medical contexts, and he has worked on projects for Medtronic, VERITAS Software, Unisys, and the non-profit Humanitarian Demining Information Center (HDIC) and the Consortium for the Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education (CEUME). His recent books include Teaching and Training for Global Engineering and Culture, Communication, and Cyberspace: Rethinking Technical Communication for International Online Environments.

Sonia Vandepitte, Ghent University (Belgium)

Connecting Technical Communication and Translation Courses: A Path to Successful Content Strategy

Sonia Vandepitte is a full professor at the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication at Ghent University and head of its English section. She teaches English, translation studies, and translation into and from Dutch. Publication topics include causal expressions in language and translation, methodology in translation studies, translation competences, anticipation in interpreting, international translation teaching projects and translation and post-editing processes.

Marie Girard, Paris Diderot University (France)

The Nature of Content: An Organic Approach to Content Strategy

Marie Girard manages content strategy and architecture for IBM products. She leads unified content strategy efforts through focus on user experience, content audits, and collaboration across silos. She teaches Technical Communication 101 and Information Architecture at Paris Diderot University, and investigates how everything interrelates through the practice of yoga.

Izabela Mrochen, University of Silesia (Poland)

To See or Not to See, to Hear or Not to Hear - Accessibility and Usability in Localization

Izabela Mrochen has a Master’s degree in Pedagogy and Psychology (1995), English Linguistics (1998), and a PhD in Historical Linguistics (2009) from the University of Silesia, Poland. She started to be interested in translation and preparing subtitles in the late 1990s when she visited Copenhagen University. As an academic, she integrates CAT tools in the university curriculum and has become a certified memoQ trainer. She has taken part in a wide range of conferences on new technologies in the field of translation and interpretation. Her active interests are to improve the trainee translator’s competence for the job market and to support the basic objectives of the European Master’s in Translation program. Furthermore, Ms. Mrochen has been interested in software localization tools and cloud computing so as to familiarize students with translating graphical user interfaces. Since 2012, she has been supporting the idea of accessibility social and digital inclusion. The issues of preparing good websites according to WCAG rules have influenced her interests. As a member of the Working Group of Digital Content on the Internet Accessibility in the Ministry of Digitization, Poland, Ms. Mrochen has organized and conducted workshops at a range of conferences. In April 2016 she was awarded the Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility by the University of South Australia and Media Access Australia.

Caiwen Wang, University of Westminster (United Kingdom)

Translation Strategies for Cultural Contents of Scientific and Technical Texts

Dr. Caiwen Wang is a Senior Lecturer in Translation and Interpreting Studies at the University of Westminster, UK. Her research interests are in translation and interpreting studies with a focus on inter-cultural issues at the moment. She is also a visiting instructor of English-Chinese Scientific/Technical Translation, Consecutive Interpreting and Liaison Interpreting at the Centre of Translation Studies of the University College, London. She has been freelancing in translation and interpreting for over 20 years, and has published in translation and pragmatics.

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