5th Transnational Project Meeting

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On December 1 and 2, the project consortium met at an on-site meeting in Antwerp, Belgium.

Finalization of the TecCOMFrame
During the two-day meeting at one of the project partners’ institutions, KU Leuven, the group finalized their work on the Competence Framework, which will form the basis for the standard curricula to be developed in 2017. Furthermore, a structure for the subjects in our Competence Framework has been defined. The project consortium allocated the first-level subjects to six competence dimensions describing the profession of a technical communicator on an academic level.
Here is an overview of the competence dimensions that the project group agreed on during the last meeting:

  • Language and Culture
  • Content and Information
  • Management
  •  Technology and Media
  • Academic Perspective
  • Transversal Competencies