Bridging the gap between tc and translation

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At the tcworld conference, TecCOMFrame, tekom Europe, EMT, and LindWeb teamed up for their first joint workshop. The event titled „Translating Europe“ proved the necessity for a better understanding and knowledge exchange between translators/localizers and technical communicators.

Inkaliisa Vihonen from the European Commission Directorate General for Translators moderated the presentations and lively discussions. Main points included how to integrate technical communication into study programs for translation as well as possibilities for joining forces in tc and translator trainings. 

The crucial questions are: what are the main points that both disciplines have in common, and how can knowledge about technical communication be used for translation (and vice versa)?
During the workshop, potential synergies in the field of translation and technical communication that offer career opportunities for translators in the area of technical communication were discussed. This is exactly one of the aspects that the TecCOMFrame project focuses on as well. During the workshop, the prototype curricula designed for the specialization of linguists and translators were presented by the TecCOMFrame project group.
In general, the workshop included presentations, panel discussions, and a discussion with the audience. It addressed technical communicators, translators, language service providers and associations, as well as students from both technical communication and translation studies interested in sharing a mutual understanding on how translation and technical communication are linked.