What does technical communication mean? The profession of a technical writer has existed only since the 1970s and is therefore a relatively recent field of work. For this reason, many companies and individuals are not familiar with the term even though the work is omnipresent. Technical writers explain how to use technology correctly. This may sound banal at first, but is undeniably becoming increasingly important in times that are predominantly influenced by technology. Due to rapid mechanization and the associated complexity of products, many consumers lose track of usage and application possibilities. They need help.

Technical writers can meet this need. They create detailed information about the product and help to remove usage obstacles. While doing so, they focus intently on user experience. To optimize this work, they work hand in hand with new media and innovations such as Industry 4.0. Veritably, technical communication is a future-oriented, promising and exciting field of work to be in.


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Between the years 2015 and 2018, the project team of the TecCOMFrame project has developed various standards that initially define the academic requirements for education. These standardized requirements should facilitate undergraduate education in technical communication (TC) across Europe.



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An academic competence framework is the primary outcome of project TecCOMFrame (Technical Communication Competence Framework). It is intended for employees of a higher educational institution as well as students, who want to learn about the interdisciplinary competence areas of technical communication.

The interactive presentation of the competence framework makes it easier to understand and appreciate the complete spectrum of the profession. This is important because there are numerous skills to acquire. The job description combines several disciplines and links competence areas from various specializations. Thus, elements of media design, linguistics, project management or information technology and many more others can be part of your studies. The technical communication profession benefits exclusively from an interplay between individual fields of knowledge.

In practice, there are wide-ranging job profiles with diverse key competencies.The competence framework offers us an overview of the entire spectrum.

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