TecCOM - Profession of Technical Communication


What are Technical Communicators doing?

The job

The technical writers qualification is based on a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary competencies and offers a wide variety of career prospects. The requisite know-how about technical methods of working and production processes, and the ability of more target-oriented media communication have made the profession quite essential in the technology-world of the 21st century.

It is the job of technical writers to make it easier to understand a product. They conceive, prepare and update technical documentation, and play the role of a “mediator” between technology and its users. The outcomes of their work are manuals, mounting and assembly instructions, training materials or online help etc.

Job titles

Specialists in this sector are called Technical Communicators in the entire international community. Technical WriterTechnical Editor and Technical Author are synonyms. 

However, PLEASE NOTE that companies often use different job titles in their advertisements although the job profile they are looking for is similar to that of a technical writer.

tekom Europe e.V.

Since 2013, the European Association for Technical Communication – tekom Europe e.V. has been providing professional support for this profession. Borne out of tekom Deutschland e.V., (1978) it promotes training and development options, and the professionalization and importance of technical communication within the society. Members’ satisfaction is its first priority.

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