TecCOM - Profession of Technical Communication


Where do Technical Communicators work?

Every profession has its typical characteristics, depending on which working conditions. Some methods of working in one job role are similar to those of the other. The same applies to technical communication.

All Sectors

Across all sectors, the work is characterized by the following:

  • Independent work
  • Flexible work management and planning
  • Focused work
  • Communication
  • Mentally demanding work
  • Interesting tasks
  • A high degree of self-determination

There are slight differences between employee and managerial positions. Managers often say that they have interesting and diversified tasks, a variety of topics to work on, and that they work in an interdisciplinary team.

Workplace Environment

Characteristic features for the workplace environment of technical writers, i.e., external influences, are:

  • Permanent position
  • Flexible working hours
  • Pleasant working atmosphere
  • Equal rights

Many specialists also value security and long-term prospects that their workplace offers.