TecCOM - Profession of Technical Communication

Technology and Media

Domain knowledge

Technical writers mainly work for economic sectors, like machinery or software development where basic knowledge about engineering and computer science is needed to develop information products. Often, they design information about technology for professional target groups, such as engineers. They must also communicate often with professionals from engineering disciplines or computer science. For this, technical writers should have a general understanding, should know about the technology, and understand its functioning.

The disciplines focus on the basics of those industry sectors where technical writers are likely to work later.ble way.

Technical  writers need to have basic knowledge in some of the most relevant engineering disciplines, they should be able to understand the basics of natural science, and they should also know the basics of computer science.

  • Have basic knowledge of electrical and computer engineering
  • Have basic knowledge of mechanical engineering
  • Have basic knowledge of machine engineering
  • Have basic knowledge of manufacturing engineering
  • Have basic knowledge of automotive technology
  • Have basic knowledge of electrical engineering
  • Have basic knowledge in technical mechanics
  • Know about construction
  • Work with CAD programs
  • Develop animations and videos from 2D and 3D CAD models
  • Know the basics of mathematics
  • Know the basics of physics
  • Know the basics of chemistry
  • Have knowledge in material science
  • Know the basics of medicine
  • Know the basics of biology
Computer science
  • Understand the software development environment in the specific domain (e.g. Java, REST, Jason, …)
  • Understand the role of software technology in the specific domain
  • Know the interplay between hardware and software in the specific domain
  • Develop an information architecture that is suitable for coping with the software-specific requirements as well as with the hardware-specific requirements