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Project management

Project management is a set of actions for implementation of projects derived from the objectives of the companies, within the agreed budget, time, and scope, and taking into account the risks and benefits for the company.

Technical writers should understand the concept of project, understood as a business venture carried out under conditions of globalization and the systematic development of IT technology, ways of communication within teams having various competencies, using a new generation of communication systems, remote problem-solving, and using the knowledge of experts and network services. Technical writers need to understand and apply methods of project management. In every case, planning must take into account necessary resources such as funds, personnel and time as well as workflows and relevant interfaces, e.g. with suppliers.

This topic outlines the principles and methods of project management. It covers the phases of project management, like project kickoff, planning, running a project, controlling, reporting and archiving. Furthermore, it also focuses on competencies needed for effective project management, like change management and risk management.