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Where do Technical Writers work?

90% Industrial and software companies

Technical writers work in all fields where technical products are manufactured. This usually includes the entire industrial and software sector. Depending on the size of the staff, they work as independent technical writers, in technical communication teams, in independent departments (technical communication), or as part of a different department (e.g. Development, Design, Training etc.). Meanwhile, they also often work in Marketing, where they can achieve synergy effects because of their detailed target group analyses for instance.

(based on a survey conducted in Germany)

10% Service

The service sector is also an interesting field of work for technical writers. Here, they have the option of working in a service company or as a freelancer regardless of the sector. The service sector is commissioned by the industry and is essentially responsible for writing technical documentation and creating graphics.

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Further sectors

Outside industrial enterprises, technical writers also occasionally work in the public sector or in the education field.