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Information management

In companies, much data and information are generated and used during the product lifecycle process, while cooperating with subcontractors, suppliers or service providers as well as during information product development. Information about the product is the main thing technical writers have to deal with.

The term “information management” is used here in a broader sense of meaning, because within the information product development process, information is available in forms and from sources, e.g. as product data, in documents, and in content modules. The main task of technical writers is to handle information, e.g. to define relevant information sources, to organize the process for information acquisition or to manage all information within the process of the development of an information product. 

Topics about information management include a wide range of subjects. Technical writers need to understand the general principles for information management, like content management, document management, archiving, information management and product data management, even if they are not directly in charge of it.
This topic is about collecting, classifying, storing and archiving documents. It is also about giving access to the documents.