Soon, tips and recommendations can be found here for higher education institutes that want to offer future courses in the field of technical communication.

Please be aware that the Academic Competence Framework can serve as templates from which universities can derive their own curricula, and which can be tailored according to their needs and the local conditions.

We are prepared to support you with detailed information on any further questions:


European Association for Technical Communication

- tekom Europe e.V. -

 Rotebühlstraße 64

70178 Stuttgart


Phone +49 711 6 57 04-0


For further information you can have a look at the European Academic Colloquium. It is an annual event that focuses on scientific contents with respect to technical communication.

It is targeted at members of the European scientific community who are teaching and doing research in the area of technical communication or related fields, such as translation, multilingual communication, localization, terminology, information management.


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